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The station of monitoring has the high level of reliable reception of signals from the protected objects.  Duplicating of reception and signal transmission is made: professional radio-frequency communication link, GSM/GPRS, Internet (several providers) and telephone line. The continuous (guaranteed) power supply to everything.  Duplicating of all data for the purpose of safety is made.

Providing efficient alarm monitoring and response to our customers requires more than just reliable technologies. The most important components of our monitoring service are the highly-trained people in our control room, who respond to, and process, all alarm events.

Control room operators notify mobile patrols / rapid reaction groups, the police, fire departments, ambulance services or service technicians, depending on the type of alarm that they receive.

Working activities include:

  • Acting as a Hot Line;
  • Receiving alarm signals from sites;
  • Receiving information at central monitoring panel from sites;
  • Receiving telephone and written information from customer;
  • Permanent radio and telephone connection with the sites;
  • Analyzing and transferring information to the necessary direction;
  • Supporting mobile and static guards;
  • Alarm response;
  • Vehicle tracking;
  • Coordinate Emergency Services;
  • Ensure the all posts are properly staffed and the performance of the services by the security guards is efficient;
  • Ensure timely and accurate reporting of security incidents and maintenance of the incident logbook;